Purpose of the Registry

    The Registry is being created to learn more about the causes and treatment of PD.  
    Currently, very little is known about how common this condition is among different
    groups of people, what the causes are, and whether the patterns of disease are
    changing over time. For example, is PD more common in certain communities?  Is
    the number of PD cases changing over time? Why are some people affected at a
    younger age than others? A Registry is the most accurate way to determine the
    number of people with Parkinson’s disease and help identify trends in Parkinson’s
    disease rates.   Information collected for the Registry can enable researchers to
    determine whether race, ethnicity, gender, age, place of residence or
    environmental factors influence the likelihood of getting the disease. Due to its
    size, geographic variety and population diversity, the state of California is an ideal
    location for this project.  Scientists believe we are close to understanding the
    causes of Parkinson’s disease, which is an important first step toward prevention
    and ultimately finding the cure for this condition. The Registry will provide the
    necessary data needed to accelerate this important process.
California Parkinson's Disease Registry
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